Eco Virtual Tour

The most Immersive and Engaging Virtual Tour

Give your listings the edge they need


Looking for an immersive and engaging virtual tour experience that will make your listings stand out from the rest? Look no further than Eco Tour Virtual Tour. Our innovative platform combines the best of both worlds – Matterport and iGuide – to create a truly one-of-a-kind product that is sure to wow your clients.
With Eco Tour, you can take your potential buyers on a guided tour of your listing, complete with an on-screen interactive floor plan navigator. Plus, our virtual assistant or virtual agent feature allows you to provide even more valuable information and assistance throughout the tour. You can also embed video, photos, tags, feature sheets, PDFs, and more – all of which can be easily accessed and viewed by your clients.
Economy Real Estate Virtual Tour


Eco Tour can be demonstrated as a stand-alone product on all of your marketing materials. This demo showcase all standard features as well as some. of our premium add-ons.

Eco Tour Virtual Tour! This innovative tour combines the best of both worlds with Matterport and iGuide technology to provide an intuitive and interactive experience. With features like on-screen navigation, virtual assistant support, embedded video, photo viewing, and PDF and file download capabilities, the Eco Tour Virtual Tour is perfect for anyone wanting to get a closer look at a property.

Eco Tour is perfect for those looking for a complete virtual viewing experience, and you’ll be able to more reach potential buyers wherever they are.

360 1
360 1

360° Images

Visually explore whatever you want from the perspective of someone standing in the property.


Live Video Screen

Playback videos over any vertical or horizontal surface. [ Premium Addon ]


Virtual Agent

We film you and place you anywhere in your virtual tour. [Premium Addon]

size 1
size 1

Square footage & Floor areas

Reliable measurements and floor plans. Also with option of GLA report [ Premium Addon ]


Tags & Info

We can place any information from pictures, text, HTML, video, and much more anywhere on your virtual tour. [ Standard & Premium Addon ]

Eco Standard

  • photo camera svgrepo com
  • 360 view virtual reality svgrepo com

Minimum 40 Photos

360 Virtual Tour

Floor Plan


Photo & Youtube Slideshow

Google Maps

Basic Tags & Info

Outdoor Pin

PDF Viewer

Eco Premium Addons

  • P

Virtual Agent

Live TV / Frame Screen Playback

Screen Annotation

Virtual Tour Automation

Dedicated Scene Slideshow

PDF Download

360 Video ( Exterior )

Advanced Tags & Info

Outdoor Pins with Street View

What's Eco-Tour turn-around?

Eco Virtual Tour turn-around is up to 24 hours, except Sundays

What includes in iGuide order?

Eco Tour stand-alone defaults are:

  • Eco Virtual Tour 3D View
  • Eco Virtual Tour Stanard Tags
  • Eco Virtual Tour Floor Plan
  • Our Professional HDR Photography
  • Eco Virtual Tour PDF Viewer
  • Eco Virtual Tour Video Slideshow
  • Eco Virtual Tour Measurements

Can I Virtually Stage Eco Virtual Tour?

Yes, Virtual Staging Eco Virtual Tour is possible and we do offer professional virtual staging, all in-house.

Can I host my Eco Virtual tour on my website?

Yes, Eco Virtual Tour also is available for offline file download which can be uploaded to any hosting that can render HTML and Javascript.

What cities do you offer Eco Virtual Tour Services?

We offer the Evo Virtual Tour service in:

Toronto, Beaches, Etobicoke, Thornhill, North York, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, King City, Kleinburg, Milton, Aurora, Newmarket, Bradford, Keswick, Stouffville, Mount Albert, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Whitby, Scarborough, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington.

Contact us if your city is not listed here

How does Virtual Agent works?

A virtual agent could be you, the agent, being filmed behind a green screen and placed anywhere within your virtual tour for the most intuitive experience between your virtual tour and potential buyers.