A Complete Guide to Promoting Your Listing

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Sep 5, 2022

In 2021, 668,000 homes went on the market and successfully transferred hands from seller to buyer. The success of these sales rested heavily on how well the listing agent marketed them.

In very few markets can you get the best price for a home by simply pounding a “for sale” sign on the lawn. When you use purposeful real estate marketing tactics, you will see your property sell faster and for more money.

Below, we list the best marketing tactics to promote your listings.

Begin With Social Media

The real estate marketplace consists of interested buyers both in your community as well as online. You can market your listing by posting it on your Facebook business page, group pages, and other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Provide details in the caption and highlight your home’s best features with professional listing images.

Use a Professional Photographer

When posting your listing online, avoid the temptation of snapping a few pictures of the property with your cell phone. It’s worth investing in a real estate photographer. If you don’t have a preferred photography vendor, try searching Google for “professional real estate photographer near me”

Professional real estate photographers understand angles, composition, and light to showcase your home’s best features. You want the photographer’s pictures to encourage prospective buyers to see the property in person.

Real Estate Hashtags

Take your social media marketing a step further by using relevant hashtags. Your hashtags should include a combination of real estate terms and location keywords.

Here are some popular real estate hashtags (consider adding the city name to any of the terms below):

  • #houseforsale
  • #openhouse
  • #justsold
  • #homeforsale
  • #starterhome
  • #renovated
  • #newlisting
  • #walkscore
  • #walkableneighborhood
  • #uptown, #downtown
  • #theneighborhood+homeforsale
  • #thecity+homeforsale

LinkedIn Groups for Real Estate Marketing

If you’re not currently on LinkedIn, create an account and search your city and the term “real estate.” Join all the groups that pop up and browse their content.

Look specifically for groups that have not just listings but real estate opportunities. Then share your best listings there. Do not bother with groups that have just listings since yours will get lost in the masses.

Cross Promote With Other Agents

Build relationships with other real estate agents to help sell both of your properties. Begin researching realtors in your area to see who lists different kinds of properties, as some real estate agents prefer to specialize. You will quickly learn who you can work well with and then seek to cross-promote properties.

Post Virtual Tours on YouTube

Make a slideshow with real estate images and post it to YouTube. Video creation platforms like Animoto can help you create the perfect slideshow video complete with a compelling soundtrack to capture buyer attention.

Promote your YouTube video on your other social media platforms. While you may not get as much reach as embedding the video on Facebook, it’s still helpful to market wherever possible.

Use Google Street View

Google Street View’s mobile app lets individuals create and upload 360-degree content. When you upload this content, it appears on Google Maps and Images for the listed address. You can add a URL to direct viewers to your other listings.

Take a 360-degree photo of your property’s main floor, for example, and upload it to Google Street View. Buyers who look at your property’s location online will immediately see a full view of the main floor. A virtual 360-degree image is one of the best ways to market real estate online.

Third-Party Listing Websites

Several real estate listing websites are free for users. While these sites don’t list to the MLS, they can be just as helpful for attracting potential buyers.

Promoting your listings feels more effortless than ever, but real estate agents with the same tactics have saturated the marketplace. It takes ingenuity to get your listing to stand out online. Be creative when it comes to promoting your listing. Wherever you promote your listing, always go with professional real estate images, a virtual 3d tour, and a stellar listing description.

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