Photographer / Videographer

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Job Description

The Real Estate Photographer/Videographer is responsible for capturing the best possible photos and videos of a property that will then be used to advertise the property. The photographer must be able to take photos, and videos of the property in all of its aspects, including exterior and interior.


  • Photography / Videography of properties for sale or lease. This includes pictures of the exterior, interior, and any other rooms as requested by the listing agent or leasing agent.

  • Ability to take pictures/videos in various lighting conditions and situations.

  • Ability to take pictures in twilight/dusk time
  • Ability to take photos with flash
  • Ability to work with Gimbal and slider


  • A portfolio in the same or related field is an asset
  • Mirrorless (Full Frame, or APC-S) or DSLR Camera
  • Photography Tripod with Ballhead or Gearhead
  • Photography Flash or Speedlight
  • Videography Equipment (Camera, Gimbal)
  • Wide Angle Lense , Prime Lense
  • Valid Ontario Driver License


  • DJI Drones ( Min 4k ) – Transport Canada Certified Pilot Requirement
  • Fast Computer
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Motorized Video Slider

Perks of the Job

Competitive Payouts

Payment for every single task you finish for us. More you do , more you get paid.

Distance Fee Reimbursement

We reimburse your gas money for every job that is out of your territory.

Incentive Program

Guaranteed Bonuses at the end of each month based on performance.

On-Going Training

Train you on Matterport, iGuide Technology, as well new techniques to make your job much more efficient .

Flexible Scheduling

Scheduling that fits your lifestyle. We want you to live your life, and enjoy it as it only happens once!

Modern Culture

We are open to ideas, welcome new ways, and do not believe in ” BECAUSE WE SAY SO! “


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